Underwear Uncovered


MY ROLE: Design Lead
Michelle Wu: Project Manager + Retoucher
Dysen Stoks: Research Lead


This project is a data visualization that analyzes the trends behind women’s underwear in America. Each colored thread represents one of the top 100 underwear products and track the brand, cut, material, price, and rating given by reviewers of each, exposing the intimate secrets behind what women really prefer in their underwear. 

This cheeky packaging comes in six variations which represent the most popular cuts, and the outer packaging pattern reflects to the keywords that popped up most frequently in the reviews of a respective cut.

IDA Design Award 2023 | Brand Identity Silver Award
IDA Design Award 2023 | Packaging Bronze Award



By extracting true data and insights from real market, instead of creating stereotype like “young ladies like sexy panties, while old ladies prefer something safe,” we hear what women say, offer the qualities they care about, and let them be confident to choose whatever good for them.

We also hand-made the whole infographic to give an intimate feeling.

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