Deloitte: Reimagine Child Support


MY ROLE: Art Director/ Graphic Lead


Deloitte's challenge is to elevate engagement with non-custodial parents in child support services, fostering a more positive experience. As Art Director, my goal is to craft a system that resonates emotionally, encouraging involvement through thoughtfully designed interfaces that reflect Deloitte's commitment to this sensitive subject.

In line with Deloitte's brand, our approach boosts outreach through engaging illustrations that convey support and community. Balancing professionalism with emotional resonance, our visuals are crafted to aid families effectively. Here's the client book that showcases our journey.


Building on Deloitte's iconic "green dot," my concept evolves this symbol into a narrative of connection and growth. We weave in elements of 'lines' to represent the bonds of family, the intertwining strands of DNA, and the hopeful dispersal of a dandelion. This also mirrors our systematic process of 'discover - define - develop - deliver.'

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00/ Intro

01/ Discover

02/ Define

03/ Develop

04/ Deliver


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Renjia Wang is a multidisciplinary designer who embraces challenges, interprets innovative ideas, and transforms them into impactful possibilities. She enjoys turning a simple start into unique, boundary-pushing designs through curiosity and experimentation. /