The journey of caregiving is a profound blend of love, resilience, and complexity. Here, the app BePRESENT is your family caregiving companion to streamline the challenging responsibilities of caregivers. 

By centralizing tailored resources, enhancing collaboration, and fostering a community of collective well-being and shared success, this app empowers caregivers to offer their best, be present with who they love, and preserve their own physical and mental health.

The Outcome Overview

The project provides a mobile app that delivers convenience and real-time connectivity for the family caregivers. 

Additionally, it features a promotional video highlighting key functions and a 
brag point webpage to showcase the app's benefits.
The mobile app contains:

The Challenge

During the caregiving experience of Susan, the story shows her pain points 
with details and specifications, to advise to the needs of future design.

Susan - family caregiver
Diana - patient
David & Tom - family of Susan

Delve into an actual story:

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Pain Points & Brag Points

Pain Points:
  1. Overwhelmed by complex and disorganized medical instructions.
  2. Anxious about unclear communication and coordination in caregiving.
  3. Stressed by navigating complex care needs without specific guidance.
  4. Stretched thin between caregiving, work, and family, impacting personal health and self-worth.

Brag Points:

  1. Manage all your caregiving instructions and tasks into one organized place. 

  2. Transform caregiving into a team endeavor.

  3. Empower your caregiving with personalized insights and a supportive community. 
  4. Champion your well-being as a caregiver throughout the journey. 




01/ Joyride

02/ Onboarding

03/ Shift Board & Task Distribution

04/ Supportive Community

05/ Seamless Communication

Promotion Video

Brag Point Webpage

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