MODA Brand



The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) showcases a variety of design disciplines including architecture, graphics, and fashion, and emphasizes the importance of design in everyday life through exhibitions and interactive events.

In reimagining MODA's brand, my design is inspired by tangram puzzles, a testament to the museum’s ethos of inclusivity and dynamism. The tangram's flexibility and adaptability mirrors the museum’s vast scope and ever-evolving exhibitions. 

By abstracting the four letters of MODA using this puzzle's variable features, the design underscores the institution's mission: a marriage of creativity and functionality. As a tangram puzzle can be rearranged into countless shapes, MODA's commitment to design continually reshapes and elevates our understanding and appreciation of the world around us.


This catalog is divided into four sections, representing how “typophoto” meets each design period over time. By introducing Moholy-Nagy’s quote about “tempo,” the design combines the elements of music, rhythm, and the hand playing with them. 


01/ When Typophoto Was Conceived

02/ When Typophoto Meets The ‘-isms’

03/ When Typophoto Meets Digital Era

04/ When Typophoto Comes Back To Reality


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Renjia Wang is a multidisciplinary designer who embraces challenges, interprets innovative ideas, and transforms them into impactful possibilities. She enjoys turning a simple start into unique, boundary-pushing designs through curiosity and experimentation. /