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What stops people from attending the school's anniversary? What motivates them? In celebrating New Hope School's 100th anniversary, reaching and engaging a diverse alumni base can be challenging.

This web platform aims to bridge this gap by encouraging alumni to reminisce about shared moments, reconnect with old friends, and revel in the celebration. Through interactive features that evoke cherished moments, familiar faces, and common experiences, the platform continuously enriches your personal network, making it an enticing space for you to return to, accompanied by memories and companions, for a grand homecoming.


Research shows that the majority are people uncertain about attending. Therefore, this project aims to motivate potential attendees while also empowering confirmed ones to reach out, thus expanding our community.
Social media
is a key tool in this engagement process.

Data VisualizationIn the interactive data, people, places, and events in New Hope are represented by dots as a collection of memories, and it dynamicly calculates the intimacy to you, shown by the distance of the line, the size of the dot, and colored tags. When the intimacy is high, it will pop up with its picture/avatar that triggers you to explore and connect.

BrandNew Hope - dandelion - networking - spread abroad 

 Design - How it works

00/ Landing Page

01/ Building Network By Auto Match

02/ Adding Network By Customized Match

03/ View and Share the Memories Related to You

04/ When Finish Your Network, Go to Schedule Your Homecoming

Video of the Journey


Physical Invitation


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