Transform Typophoto



In 1925, Lászlo Moholy-Nagy introduced the world to "Typophoto," a fusion of image and text that reshaped visual communication. Nearly a century on, its relevance remains undiminished. The exhibition catalog, “Transform Typophoto'’ delves into this transformative concept, charting its journey from its inception to contemporary interpretations.

IDA Design Award 2022 | Catalogs Silver Award
IDA Design Award 2022 | Print Editorial Bronze Award
C-IDEA Design Award 2023 | Visual and Communication Winner


This catalog is divided into four sections, representing how “typophoto” meets each design period over time. By introducing Moholy-Nagy’s quote about “tempo,” the design combines the elements of music, rhythm, and the hand playing with them. 


01/ When Typophoto Was Conceived

02/ When Typophoto Meets The ‘-isms’

03/ When Typophoto Meets Digital Era

04/ When Typophoto Comes Back To Reality


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Renjia Wang is a multidisciplinary designer who embraces challenges, interprets innovative ideas, and transforms them into impactful possibilities. She enjoys turning a simple start into unique, boundary-pushing designs through curiosity and experimentation. /